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Should I ditch him?

My partner rips off on me each time he disappears with work. He thinks I do not know about it, however what he forgets is that women have a strong feeling of intuition, specifically when your with a sex addict and cheater. I just know that he has been unfaithful to me the moment he […]

I Am New To Dating In London

I have recently moved to London and find that dating is different from dating girls in the US. So far, I have met a couple of really sexy girls. Although I have been out on dates with a few of them, I have not been able to get past the first date. Many of the […]

Would certainly You have sex in a cars and truck

The last time I attempted to have sex in a cars and truck, I wound up with a situation of really poor back pain. Ever since, I have actually not tried making love in an automobile again. My friends at London escorts of at first poked fun at me when I discussed regarding the […]

Do You Like Nude Ladies?

If you enjoy the company of nude ladies, you may just want to give me a call. My name is Amy, and there is nothing I like better than to spend time in the nude. My passion for nudity started long before I joined London escorts. When I look at photos of me, I realise […]